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Christian Wolmar


Monday 2nd March at 6:30pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 020 7485 7793 or in-store.

Join us for a talk by local author and railway expert Christian Wolmar about his latest book. The arrival of the railways in the first half of the nineteenth century and their subsequent spread across every one of the world’s continents, acted as a spur for economic growth and social change on an extraordinary scale. […]

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Martin Plaut

Understanding Eritrea

Wednesday 18th March at 6:45pm

Free Entry

Join us to meet local author Martin Plaut who will be talking about his new book. Admission is free but space is limited so please contact us to reserve a place. Inside Africa’s Most Repressive State The most secretive, repressive state in Africa is haemorrhaging its citizens. In some months as many Eritreans as Syrians […]

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Nikita Lalwani

You People

Tuesday 31st March at 6:45pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 020 7485 7793 or in-store.

We are delighted to announce an event with Nikita Lalwani who will be talking about her new novel You People. The Pizzeria Vesuvio looks like any other Italian restaurant in London – with a few small differences. The chefs who make the pizza fiorentinas are Sri Lankan, and half the kitchen staff are illegal immigrants. […]

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Past Events

Past Event


Tom Bolton

London's Lost Rivers - A Walkers Guide

Wednesday 26th February at 6:30pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 01799 524 552 or in-store.

Tom Bolton will be talking at the Owl about his new collection of walks exploring London’s hidden rivers. Tracking eleven rivers beneath London that have been culverted, placed in tunnels, or diverted into the sewer system. Below the pavements, out of sight, a network of secret rivers pulses beneath the capital’s busy pavements. The second […]

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Fabian Watkinson

The Golden Age of Camden Housing

Monday 17th February at 6:30pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 01799 524 552 or in-store.

Join us for a talk about Camden Housing in the 1960s and ’70s. Fabian Watkinson has lived on the Whittington Estate for over twenty years. He regularly welcomes visitors for London Open House and has led walks on Camden’s housing for architectural students and the Twentieth Century Society. The talk is based on his recently […]

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The Pottery Press

Maureen Duffy & Frances Bingham

Wednesday 12th February at 6:30pm

Free Entry

Join us for a celebration to mark the publication of two new Pottery Press poetry pamphlets, with wine, book-signing and partying – both writers will be reading from their books. All welcome but RSVP if you would like to attend – Tel 020 7485 7793 or email us at owlbookshop@gmail.com Maureen Duffy  – Wanderer A new poetry […]

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Mike Nicholls

My Life With Rock 'n' Roll People

Thursday 6th February at 6:30pm

Free Entry

‘So who are these rock ‘n’ roll people? Well, there are one hundred here in this book and I’ve interviewed them all. Naturally, each one is an individual but they have a lot in common. First of all, you can see it in their eyes, a twinkle here, a hint of mischief there. Then there’s […]

Past Event


Patrice Chaplin

The Unknown Pursuit

Monday 27th January at 6:30pm

Free Entry

Join us to celebrate the publication of two new books from local author Patrice Chaplin. Following her classic Girona trilogy – The City of Secrets, The Portal and The Stone Cradle – Patrice Chaplin returns to the enchanted city for a new adventure. In The Unknown Pursuit : Three Grandmothers in Search of the Grail […]

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Elaine Chiew & Carol Isaacs

In conversation with Emily Rhodes

Wednesday 22nd January at 6:30pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 01799 524 552 or in-store.

Join us for a conversation about diaspora, homesickness, the divided self and trying to live within a culture which is not your own.   Carol Isaac‘s graphic memoir The Wolf of Baghdad is a moving story about her family’s lost Jewish homeland in Baghdad. Illuminated by family portraits and testimonies, it is also the personal story of Carol’s […]

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Michael Palin – SOLD OUT

North Korea Journal

Monday 20th January at 6:30pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 01799 524 552 or in-store.

This event is now sold out. Michael Palin spent two weeks in the notoriously secretive Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a cut-off land without internet or phone signal, where the countryside has barely moved beyond a centuries-old peasant economy but where the cities have gleaming skyscrapers and luxurious underground train stations. His resulting documentary for […]

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Mandeep Rai

The Values Compass

Tuesday 14th January at 6:30pm

Free Entry

Come along to meet Mandeep Rai who will be signing copies of her new book. What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership The choices, challenges, or opportunities facing us – and how we engage with them – in politics, family, relationships, work, and play reveal something important about our character, desires, and […]

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Gillian Tindall

The Pulse Glass

Monday 2nd December at 6:30pm

Tickets £5.00, available over the phone on 01799 524 552 or in-store.

A personal and global history in objects, Gillian Tindall traces the memories and meanings that accrue to the artefacts of human lives through time. Before ordinary doctors had access to accurate pocket watches, they timed a patient’s pulse with a 30-second sandglass. A ‘pulse glass’ was a functional piece of medical equipment, designed to measure […]

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Christmas Shopping Day

20% OFF

Sunday 1st December at 10:00am

This year’s Christmas shopping day starts at 10am on Sunday 1st December. The offer only applies to purchases of books and stationery on the day. If you need help choosing then take a look at our recommendation posts in the website. It is always wonderfully busy on the day and with this in mind you […]